strawhouse in the hills of Rimini

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We’re going to build on the hills of Rimini a dwelling house in strawbales.

It is also in this case of housing in passive energy standard in wood and straw.

Great importance is given to the overall impact on the environment: all materials are recyclable, discharges are treated by a wetland system.

Large windows on the south and small openings on the north side of the mountain maximize the “sun-air impact”. Hot water and heat integration in the flow of hot air are produced by a heat pump powered by photovoltaics.

Being a building in passive energy standard (annual consumption almost in half of a A Class), there is not a traditional heating system.

impianto ventilazione riscaldamento

laying scheme of the mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery and geothermal pretreatment. The thermal loads during the coldest part of the year are very low, so the whole climatization is done in this way

Everything is as simple as possible: controlled mechanical ventilation with geothermal precooling is the only system, with fan coils for heat integration and for summer cooling.

As in other similar cases, we are dealing with the engineering of the product: The building permit project is transformed into a parts list ready to be sent to the cut in the sawmill.

The pieces come in the building site and are assembled according to the BOOK OF ASSEMBLY.

The Book is an assembly manual that describes all the construction phases and all the steps in tubes and ducts, a manual that everyone, carpenters and craftsmen must adhere scrupulously to get quickly to the correct conclusion of the work.

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