BB -semidetached House

CasaBB salone Salotto vetrata camino legnoOrganic architecture is more than applying natural materials and high-energy efficiency buildings .

Is much more. it would be simple to find the solution of the world  environment distruction, only by using technologies that reduce resources. Deeply inside us,  we know that every technology progress lead a general increase of the  resources consumption.  Because sustainability is not an intrinsic characteristic of objects, but is  a choice that man begins to do.

Man chosen according to rationality and sensibili .

cavedio di illuminazione in coperturaThis ,

is the essential value of the quality of the project. Only one project that speaks well with the context  can be confirmed in time, beyond immediate needs and trends.

So far, a simple house of the 70-s, turns, in a gourgeus villa in green architecture,  comsuption nearly zero , with a special attention to te context.

The interiors are opened in a new way towards the front, flooding the rooms with natural day light and transmitting a cozy feeling to the view outside. A part double-height catch the morning light in the living room. During the day the family do not need to turn on the light. Super insulated windows are triple-glazed. The quality of life and relationships is beyond reproach.

Master bedroom has its own bathroom without overlooking: is housed under the stairs and natural lighted and ventilated with fresh air from a small skylight that opens onto the roof.

Home protects and warms you, but it is still  in contact with the outside world. The entrance hall is  lighted by  the new atrium skylight that floods the heart of the house of natural light, changing the atmosphere of the premises in accordance with the passing of days and seasons.


scale in bioarchitetturaWhat used to be the dark cold living room is  now the most comfortable bedroom. Here lies  the skill of the architect, in reading the desires of the client and be able to decline the right choices. The thresholds of the windows have been lowered to the ground. A new parapet glass gives transparency and greater contact with the outside.

The bins that received the blinds are now thinner, thanks to the new external Venetian blinds, which at the touch of a button disappear in the outer coat of the house, allowing you to lift the most of the light from the height of the windows.

La nuova luce che illumina il soffitto della camera, da maggiore e più uniforme luminosità a tutto il locale, soprattutto nella zona più profonda, là dove maggiore é il bisogno di luce.

I muri della mansarda sono in calce bianca, il pavimento in terra cruda, il riscaldamento concentrto a parete.

Questo consente di ospitare in soli due metri di altezza, potendo camminare a piedi scalzi con gran gusto e comfort.

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